Witan Game Production House

A company responsible for physical production of New Media, Performing Arts, Game Design, Serious, Social or Advertisement game productions.

Witan is also directly or partnering responsible for fundraising the production or may accomplish this through an emissary. Witan is selling its products to a Publisher or presenting it as Marketing tool, or in the case of social gaming in Communities, in some cases Witan is publishing or co-publishing titels. Witan can also do coproduction or conversion / porting by more than one company or a Conglomerate of Multiple companies. It is common for developing partners of Witan that they control their own careers and breakup after one production or move resources to other partners from Witan in the case of a MMO.

Witan is one of the oldest known demo groups from the PC history. Founders Wytze B. Westra and Jendrik Pösche started this group in 1987.  After that time people like Arno van Wingerden, Micha van der Meer, Alex Poelma, Roy Faber and Jeroen Tel make history at the party in Denmark and defeated the Future Crew (later known at Remedy & Recoil games from Finland) in 1992.

Arno van Wingerde and Lennart Sas started fabulous Triumph Studios and make big hits like Age of Wonder and Overlord. Jendrik, Wytze and Micha make their debut in 1997 with the first version of Moorhuhn. Moorhuhn became a brand with more then 100 millions downloads and own merchandising line. After the success of Moorhuhn the same team developed 130 other games like Ende Mol’s Big Brother, Phenomedia’s Sven and other fantastic characters. Jeroen Tel was already a hero in that time with the music company Maniacs of Noise.

In the last 20 years the management and the team behind Witan won many awards, deposited patents on innovative ideas.

The company philosophy is support the game industry by sharing knowledge, writing educational materials and continue fighting for the knowledge economy.

The game is to finish the game®